The European Union of Gymnastics

The European Union of Gymnastics (UEG)
A modern sports organization with a future

The UEG counts 48 national member federations. It is a sports organisation, which reaches far beyond the borders of political Europe but nevertheless bears the idea of a united gymnastics nation.
As guarantor of interests of its more than 10 000 000 gymnasts, the UEG represents quite different facets of European gymnastics: from Olympic sports to gymnastics for all.
European gymnasts transmit their understanding of being together beyond the borders and set an example in community.
No other sports federation in Europe proposes such a diversity of offers as the European Union of Gymnastics.
One can find not only high-level sport in the four Olympic disciplines and the three non-Olympic disciplines, but also leisure sport with offers for all age groups, from toddlers to senior citizens.
No other discipline can be found with not only organised attractive international events, but also galas, general gymnastics festivals, youth festivals and gymnaestradas, where hundreds of thousands of athletes come together.

The Aims of the UEG

1.    Promotion and development of European gymnastics on all levels
     With approximately 10 million organised sportsmen and sportswomen and 48 national member federations, the UEG is one of the largest European sports federations. Especially in Central and Eastern Europe, gymnastics is highly recognised as one of the most important Olympic disciplines. In Western Europe, gymnastics enjoys a high popularity as sport for all. It is the aim of the UEG to promote high-level sports and sport for all in all European member federations so that both can complete and profit from each other.
2.    Promotion of the sport and its disciplines
     The representation and presentation of gymnastics as a modern, dynamic and attractive discipline in constant dialogue with the media and the public.
3.    Setting up and organising professional structures
     Honorary comittments and realisation by professionals characterise the leadership of all sports federations. Our aim is to professionally fulfil the requests and expectations of our members, partners, the media and the public.

4.    Support of the International Federation of Gymnastics through a cooperation based on partnership
     European gymnastics is the „driving force“ of international gymnastics. European gymnasts are leading the world's elite. In Europe, general gymnastics „lives“ from the wide-range offer proposed to all target groups. European gymnastics federations are the „creative department“ necessary for continuous new development in high-level sports and sport for all, which we want to realise together with FIG through common projects.

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